Ladiom Associates | Our Services
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Our Services

Engineering designs

Our Engineering and Design team combine innovative thinking and engineering expertise to create cutting edge solutions.

Feasibility and viability research

Our feasibility studies and reports are critical to determining the technical, operational and financial viability of your proposed project.

Land and survey developments

Building Surveys and valuations are prepared for business premises whether, industrial, office or retail.

Project supervision and management

Our project management process determines the product requirements, duration, milestone timing, resourcing and consequently the budget required for each job.

Scope of Operations

Here are the operations we are involved in:

Comprehensive traffic planning and surveys (Rural & Urban)

Coastal engineering such as harbours, terminals and jetties.

Disposal systems such as land drainage, erosion management and flood control.

Engineering and building structures such as bridges, highways and air fields.

Water resource management such as dams and ground water development


                                         Over 40 Years of Civil & Structural Engineering Experience